COVID Boosters and 3rd Doses

Please be advised that Streamside Surgery is not taking part in the administration of the Covid Boosters of the third COVID Vaccinations however, we hope the following information will be useful to you:

Is there a local offer for the COVID Boosters and 3rd doses?

Yes. Severn View Family Practice in Thornbury are providing this service to the Primary Care Network which includes the patients of the following five practices: Almondsbury Surgery, Piling Surgery, Severn View Family Practice, St Mary Street Surgery and Streamside Surgery.

Who is being invited?

In the first instance, immuno-suppressed patients are being invited for the third COVID vaccination dose. Patients then falling into cohorts 1-9 will be invited for the booster vaccination in order of their due date, i.e. no earlier than 6 months from the date of their second vaccination.

Please note, this does not mean you will be invited on your 6 month anniversary. Severn View Family Practice have a lot of patients to get through so it is possible that it will be some time thereafter.

How will I be invited to the vaccine programme delivered by Severn View Family Practice?

Severn View Family Practice will contact you directly when you become eligible for your vaccination. This may be by text, letter or telephone. You should follow the instructions provided to you.

When can I get the COVID Booster?

You are only eligible for the booster if your second dose was given to you 6 months or more ago. You will be invited once you become eligible and as appointment availability allows. Please do not be alarmed if you don’t hear exactly on your 6th month anniversary. You are on a list and will be contacted.

I have had a letter/text message from NHS England inviting me to book an appointment for a booster vaccination or a third dose, what do I do?

It is up to you where you would like to have your vaccine. You can follow the instructions outlined in the above correspondence or you can wait to be invited by Severn View Family Practice.

Can Streamside Surgery help me book my COVID Vaccine?

On this occasion, we cannot. We are not involved in any aspect of the booking process of either the COVID booster or the 3rd dose. For further information please call 119.

I heard that you can walk-in to a centre without an appointment, is this true?

Yes. For more information, click here.

Prescription Hub


As of the 1st November all prescriptions for Streamside Surgery practice will be dealt with by the new PCN Prescription Hub – Severnvale Prescription Hub.


Please e-mail your requests to and for medication queries only please call 01454 205099, lines will be open from 10am-12:30 and 14:30-17:30.


Please visit our post on this new update for more information – Severnvale Prescription Hub | Streamside Surgery



Spring Boosters – UPDATE March/April 2022


Severn View Family Pratice will be commencing the administration of the Covid-19 spring boosters on behalf of Severnvale PCN W/C 4th April. They will be holding the clinics in the Vaccination POD and running them Mon – Fri. Invites will start to be sent out later this week. They will be inviting over 75’s and those in the category of immunosuppressed. Please wait to be invited.


The government and NHS England have asked us to focus on vaccinating in the coming weeks,  We appreciate your patience. As always, their team will be working hard to prioritise those who are most in need. Thank you for your understanding.


If you have already received a text message or letter from the Surgery about booking your vaccine, please use the link in the text message to make your appointment.


If they haven’t yet been in touch, you will hear from them when they have an appointment available. They are working hard to get our appointments set up, so this should be very soon. In the meantime, please do not contact us about getting a vaccination appointment.


How to book 


Everyone aged over 30 can book a vaccine appointment online. You can do this here. Everyone aged 18 and over is eligible to get their vaccine at a walk-in centre. Full details of walk-in clinics and how to access them are available here (you may need to book an appointment in advance).

Third dose vaccination for severely immunosuppressed aged 12+

The JCVI has advised that people with severely weakened immune systems should have a third COVID-19 vaccine dose.  This is separate to any potential COVID-19 booster vaccination.  There are national recommendations as to who is considered eligible for the third vaccine and General Practices are working with Hospital Specialists locally to identify those who should receive this.  There is no need contact the NHS.  If you or your child is eligible for vaccination, we will contact you.

For more information see  JCVI issues advice on third dose vaccination for severely immunosuppressed – GOV.UK (