Fitness to Work

It is now called a Statement of Fitness for Work or “Fit Note”.

Fit Notes are not required for periods off work of less than 7 calendar days.

Employees do not need to be “signed back to work” after a previous Fit Note.

You do not necessarily have to see the doctor for a Fit Note. Fit Notes may also be issued on the basis of a telephone consultation, a previous consultation or a hospital letter.

To request a Fit Note please telephone us (01454412167), write to us, or ask at reception.

SPM10310 – Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

For SSP purposes, an employer is not entitled to ask for a medical certificate, signed by a doctor, for the first seven days of absence from work due to incapacity. The employee is only required to notify the employer of the incapacity and provide self-certification of their incapacity, in writing.

Form SC2 is available for this use, or the employer may provide employees with their own form or accept a letter giving the information they require in order to consider SSP entitlement. Copies are available from HMRC online.