Medication monitoring

Some medication requires monitoring to keep you safe. This table shows how often you should have a blood test done.

Medication Blood test frequency
BP pills Annually kidney blood test
Blood thinners except Warfarin Annually kidney blood test
Warfarin As advised by clinic
Diabetes medication At least annually, or as advised by nurse
Thyroid medication Once a year
Contraceptive pill Form to complete once a year
Spironolactone Once every four months

This is not an exhaustive list and you may require other monitoring as advised by your GP

Prescription Hub


As of the 1st November 2021 all prescriptions for Streamside Surgery practice will be dealt with by the new PCN Prescription Hub – Severnvale Prescription Hub.


Please e-mail your requests to and for medication queries only please call 01454 205099, lines will be open from 10am-12:30 and 14:30-17:30.


Please visit our post on this new update for more information – Severnvale Prescription Hub | Streamside Surgery



Covid Booster Vaccinations – Spring 2023


The Spring booster programme starts on 3rd April 2023 for all elderly care homes and then on 17th April for over 75 year olds and also for those aged 5-74 who are Immunosuppressed. If you are 75 or over by 30th June 2023 you will be eligible for the vaccination.


Severn View Family Practice will be vaccinating on behalf of Streamside Surgery.


Please do not contact us regarding covid vaccinations and only contact Severn View Family Practice once you have been invited. Please use the link you will be sent to book if possible otherwise please contact Severn View Family Practice on 01454 412599 option 1 then option 8